Three Waste Incineration System

    Engineering case of waste gas and liquid incineration system:

    Xinjiang Xinye Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.
    200,000 tons/year 1,4-Butanediol Fine Chemicals Phase I 60000 tons BDO project incineration system for salt-containing and alkali-containing waste liquid

    Huizhou Hongrui Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.
    100,000 tons/year oil refining waste gas comprehensive utilization project WSA supporting incinerator system

    Henan Silane Technology Development Co., Ltd.
    Silane Incineration System of 2000 Tons of Silane Project

    Xuzhou Note Chemical Co., Ltd.
    1000 tons/year pesticide waste liquid and 1500 tons/year wastewater treatment sludge boiling furnace system

    Engineering case of sulfur recovery incineration system:

    Hubei Sanning Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Synthetic ammonia raw material structure adjustment and co-production of 600,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project sulfur recovery combustion chamber, waste boiler and steam drum

    Jiangsu Sierbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
    3.6 million tons/year alcohol-based poly-generation chemical project phase I project waste acid regeneration system

    Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
    30,000 tons/year waste sulfuric acid cracking regeneration project

    Xintai Zhengda Coking Co., Ltd.
    Coal Chemical Relocation Project Incineration system for supporting desulfurization waste liquid sulphuric acid project

    Liaoning Panjin North Asphalt Fuel Co., Ltd.
    WSA Sulfuric Acid Plant Waste Acid Combustion Furnace

    Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
    The second phase of the 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project 360,000 tons/year sulfuric acid incinerator system

    Engineering case of waste heat boiler system:

    Oxiran Chemical Yangzhou Co., Ltd.
    200,000 tons/year ethylene oxide project incineration waste heat boiler system project